Password strength visualization for Angular 7.


Super awesome password strength visualization for Angular 7 now has an npm package.

Here is the link:

Basic usage:


How to use this npm package:

Just add lib-psv to your desired input that needs to reflect the change and then assign the canvas where your poster will be located.

<input lib-psv [psvOptions]=“obj” [psvFeedbackModel]=”{ ‘0’: ‘Worst’, ‘1’: ‘Bad’, ‘2’: ‘Weak’, ‘3’: ‘Good’, ‘4’: ‘Strong’ }” (psvScoreChanged)=“onPsvStrengthChanged($event)” [psvCanvasWrapper]=“canvaswrap” [psvCanvas]=“canvas” [psvPoster]=“poster” [psvFeedback]=“feedback”

And you’re ready to go.


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