General Culture Game on Android using Unity3D

General Culture Game on Android using Unity3D

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The General Culture Game application contains thousands of grid questions from various fields, specially created to strengthen your knowledge!

The game is a simple and fun solution that fills your boring moments and at the same time trains your brain!

The design of the application was designed especially for this general culture game, the application being developed by a team of Romanian programmers and designers.

Here you can find questions from various fields of general culture such as: geography, history, literature, sports, art, exact sciences, the human body, plants, animals, universe, IT & technology, cinematography & personalities, religion, music and others.

95% of the questions are unique, created by our team especially for the General Culture Game application, each with four answer options.

In addition, the general culture questions are offline, the game can be accessed even without an internet connection.

Each test has a number of questions that can be modified according to your preferences (you can set between 5 and 20 per quiz).

Among the 15 categories, you can choose at least 5 from which to test your knowledge!

For each general education question you receive a number of points, so that at the end of the test a ranking is created automatically. The scoring system takes into account several factors, such as the difficulty of the question and the response time.

You can create your profile to customize and in addition you have other settings that can configure the application especially for you!

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