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How to internationalize dates in Angular

Depends on your use case: from typescript code using helper function from HTML templates using Let’s explore this 2 use cases: Internationalize dates from code: Angular helps us by providing helper function from package. How to use ? receives 4 parameters: Parameter Type Meaning value date…

Validating forms using constraint validation API

Constraint validation API helps you validate data from form controls, before submitting the values to the server.

Complete useRef() hook with live code examples

What’s up with hook? returns an object with a property. This property gets the initial value of the argument passed to useRef hook. The reference to object will persist from render to render. Is useRef hook used only for accessing Document Object Model(DOM) elements? No, useRef hook can…

Normalize your complex JS objects

Data normalization The process of normalization its havily used in every software design because normalizing data has a big impact on reducing data redunancy. When to normalize your data? Suppose we received the following data from an api: Now, you get a task to find the item with id of 1. How will…

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