How to use ViewChild in Angular 9

How to use @ViewChild() in Angular 9 Get right to the live example What is @ViewChild() and when should we use it? ViewChild is a decorator and it’s mostly used within angular when you need to select a particular element from the view. Table of contents: 1. Select a particular directive 2. Select a…

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How to share the same data between multiple subscribers

How to share data between multiple subscribers Use share() operator provided by RxJS

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Read a big file using NodeJS streams

Lets say that you have a file with 100.000 rows and you need to read it all. How should you proceed doing this task using a stream in . Create a file with 100.000 rows from linux command; Keep the path as it will get deleted if you somehow forget to delete the file. Solution Now let’s write our…

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How to create a basic cli app using node and prompts

What is a command-line interface(CLI) ? It's just a program that takes command line arguments and performs a task.

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Conditional types using infer

Using infer to resolve types conditionally

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